For Sale – 1982 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel

Way too long ago, I bought this Jetta Diesel with the intent of getting it running with the assumption it needed a head gasket. Alas, after replacing the head gasket, it still had low compression. 

About the car:

  • 1982
  • 4 door
  • Silver with Blue interior
  • 1.6L Diesel
  • Snowflakes
  • sunroof
  • luggage rack on the trunk lid
  • clean body – minimal rust, even fewer dents
  • reasonably clean interior – a few tears & cracks

I accumulated a lot of bits & pieces including:

  • Turbo block & turbo
  • GTI Front Spoiler
  • Headlights
  • Coolant reservoir

For a Jetta that spent time in Pennsylvania (where it was last registered) it’s pretty rust free. The floors are solid, there’s a bit of the usual windshield rust. The rear bumper cover fell off, but we still have it.

I finally have to get rid of it since I’m clearly not going to fix it. We need to get rid of it in the next couple weeks and you obviously will need a trailer to get it.

Make me an offer! I just want it to go to someone who will put it to use rather than seeing it crushed. 🙁

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